While we're on the subject of music I love...

I have been obsessing over Joni Mitchell's "Song For Sharon" (not, mind you, that I ever stopped obsessing over Joni Mitchell's music in general- and on principle- since about college, which would be humanahmrf years ago). Here's a video of her performing it live:


In case you'd like to join me in the great obsession (in a music playing kind of way), here's a link to the tuning (yow!), tablature and lyrics. Seriously. About the tuning...it's gorgeous (first of all), but I almost broke my classical guitar at work trying it out (even modified). It only worked on the Luna (which is steel), and even that poor guitar is having a bit of stress from it. It's not that hard to play though, so if you're a guitar player and have a guitar that can handle insane tunings, I say go for it!

I'm wondering if there are any other of you out there who use classical guitars and mess around with tunings. How do you keep your guitar/strings peaceful and happy?

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