She's alive!

I have been absolutely in slow motion with regard to blogs in the past couple of months. Here's the thing: I had an incredible amount of pain and needed emergency surgery. I am, happily, on the road to recovery and feel much (much) better now. 

I've learned a few important things while I was down for the count though. One is that my neighbors are incredible! They checked in on me, ran errands for me, offered to cook for me and to just sit with me if I needed. In fact, people came out of the very woodwork to offer their help. I am humbled and most grateful (as trite and un-original as that may sound). 

The other thing I discovered is that when you recover from surgery, that's pretty much all you can do. You just...sit there...and...recover. You can't read.  You can't play guitar. You can't do much other than watch television. And I have to say I wasn't that big of a fan of television before my surgery, and I'm no bigger of a fan now. Although i do have a secret affection for Dr. Oz (even though he does get a bit too graphic to suit my stomach sometimes). Glrg!

So that's where I've been. Which is why I haven't blogged anywhere (not here or in my music therapy blog or in the Victimorious blog).  So it's actually kind of lucky I haven't had too many gigs happening until now.

I've actually been preparing for two music therapy presentations. One will be at the Mid-Atlantic Regional conference of the American Music Therapy Association (MAR-AMTA for short, thank God) in Pittsburgh, PA, and the other will be at Kardon Institute for the Arts in Philadelphia. Mercifully, I'm finally feeling well enough to function (versus sitting in a sloth-like manner recovering), so I'm getting all the preparations together for those. 

If you happen to be in Pittsburgh next Friday, I've got a gig at Club Arc. Check out the Calendar page for details and a map (we all need maps).


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