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Roia Rafieyan: Discography

"Look Inside" - Roia Rafieyan's newest CD (2009)

Includes "Look Inside", "Therapy 'Til I'm Dead", and "Grateful". Produced by Michael Kianka along with support of some amazing musicians: Kjell Benner, Andrew Neu, Simon Einspahr, Eric Hastings, Ben Chapman, Joe Bergamini, Hector Rosado, David Rosenthal, Karen Anne Litecky, and Angela Stryker.  

You can find it at CD Baby

"Songs From Behind Locked Doors" - Roia Rafieyan's 1999 CD

Includes "Think in Colors", "Hot Damn", "I Wish I Could Tell You" and "Song From Behind Locked Doors" (a.k.a. "Who Do You Think You Are?"). Michael Kianka produced this CD, along with the able assistance of these talented musicians: Kjell Benner, Dave Tofani, Aaron Potocuy, Lindsay Vannoy, Aalok Mehta, Rich Berends, and Eric Jorgenson. 

Buy it at CD Baby

Andrew Dunn's 2003 CD "I Am"

Andrew is an amazing singer-songwriter who was kind enough to invite me to play piano and sing on his CD, "I Am". He actually has two CDs to his credit. They are hard to access lately, but contact him through his MySpace page (, and you might have some luck.
Visit Andrew at his MySpace page

Arlon Bennett's CD "Fountain of Dreams"

My dear friend, Arlon is now working on his THIRD CD, but back when he was a budding recording artist, he invited me to join him in singing on this great CD. Give it a listen and check out his newer stuff too.

Listen to Arlon's latest music