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Roia Rafieyan: Journal

Still No Sign of "Baby B" and Other Neat Stuff - October 28, 2005

As if my first niece weren't sweet enough, my brother, Kamran, and sister-in-law, Jennifer, are on the verge of yet another birth- a baby sister for Adelaide! She is currently being referred to as "Baby B"...we shall be updated as to the official name of this upcoming wonderchild sooner or later, I imagine. Hooray!

Meanwhile, Karen Anne and I, through a miracle from God, found New Tripoli, PA- that's New TriPOli, PA (accent on the second syllable), and I can tell you with all sincerity that I STILL have no idea where exactly we were. I will, however, say that the Madison Ridge Tavern was a downright friendly establishment, and Karen and I were pleased to see some familiar faces among those who signed up to play a song for the Phil Stahl cable show. Karen Anne will be the featured performer out there on December 7th, so I believe we'll be making our industrious trek out to New TriPOli, PA again on that date.

In other (good) news, you may have noticed that I have finally managed to upload some music from my first CD. I believe Kamran's (you remember Kamran- that's my brother) souped-up modem did the trick. Thank you, Brother Kamran! Now you can listen right here on my website while you read my blah-blah.

I had the pleasure of going to the Kardon Institute for the Arts today for a workshop on music therapy and autism. My friend, Bill Stillman was the keynote speaker, and he talked about his upcoming book, "Autism and the God Connection". It promises to be an excellent and thought-provoking book!

It is probably time to stop my blather and get the phone line open in case my mom is trying to call to tell me Jennifer is in labor with Baby B! Onward!

October 17, 2005

I'm still trying (unsuccessfully) to get my music uploaded, so you don't have to head over to DTC Records in order to hear clips of my CD. The problem seems to be my slow modem (yes, I'm a cheapskate, and I won't switch from dial-up). I'm waiting now for Michael to upload it from his computer. I suppose, since I'm becoming the link queen (meaning I have now learned how to create links using HTML code- very exciting for those of us who are essentially computer illiterate), I could be a heathen and create a link to Michael's email address, so you can all send him "reminders" to get on with the task of uploading...mwaahaahaaa!

OK, enough of the madness...My good friend, Karen Anne and I (also a music therapist/singer- songwriter) went to the Candlewyck Lounge in Buckingham, PA last night to play at Phil Stahl's Open Mic. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly (although I'm paying dearly for the lack of sleep today), and Phil invited us to play a song each for a cable TV show he is putting together on October 26th. Yay! That will be at the Madison Ridge Tavern (formerly the The Blue Ridge Inn) in New Tripoli, PA. Should be fun!

I really need to go and catch up on my sleep now, or there'll be further hell to pay tomorrow. Hopefully the next time you hear/read from me, I'll be telling you about my new niece (who is due at the end of October). More dolly babies! Hurrah!

Action Woman! - September 15, 2005

Well, I'm back from a brief vacation/conference at Virginia Beach (just in time- since Hurricane Ophelia threatens even as we speak). It was lovely to be by the ocean and to watch dolphins at play in the early morning (see? There *is* an actual reason to wake up at the crack of dawn!).

In the meantime, this brief vacation seems to have affected my brain, because I keep forgetting important things (like appointments and gigs). Sheesh!

While I haven't had much time to do any recording in the past month, I have been working on music therapy presentation proposals, newsletters (for the New Jersey Association for Music Therapy), and generally a lot of music therapy stuff.
I'm still trying to figure out a way to add a page or two to this website where I can put up some writings about music therapy (since I spend an awful lot of time doing that).

Onward and upward then! Be well, all!

The Holy Childe is One! - August 24, 2005

My beloved little niece celebrated her first birthday yesterday. That means that my whole family is visiting, which, as you can imagine, means that recording will be on hold for a week or so. Gosh, that little niece of mine is a dolly!

Meanwhile, Michael has a production deadline for another group with whom he's been working, so he's busy too. See? It all works out. Yay!

August 17, 2005

Michael, the intrepid producer, and I are working on a new CD. I haven't decided on a name yet (even though my original plan was to call it "Therapy 'Til I'm Dead"). I guess that wouldn't really fit with the general direction this CD is taking.
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