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Roia Rafieyan: Links

Other Places to Find Me on the Web

Check out CD Baby for lots of excellent music!
New (and improved) music therapy blog
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Music Therapy

American Music Therapy Association
This would be a link to the other part of my life, which I spend as a music therapist. Go there to learn about the larger music therapy community.
Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy

The Voices forum has numerous articles about music therapy, representing clinicians from around the world. Definitely worth a read.

The Certification Board for Music Therapists
This is the place to go for more information on how music therapists become board-certified (thus earning them the credential "MT-BC").
Nordic Journal of Music Therapy
Here is a journal well worth reading, featuring articles by music therapists from all over the world.
New Jersey Association for Music Therapy

There are an awful lot of good music therapists in the Garden State. Go here to check out what's new in music therapy in New Jersey.


Demystifying Autism- William Stillman's Website
This is the website of my friend, Bill Stillman, who has a great deal to say about the experience of living on the autism spectrum and who says it so beautifully and gently that, frankly, it should really be heard by everyone.
Amanda Baggs Blog
What every person who works with or spends time with folks who have disabilities should watch and then pay attention to in every interaction they have with a person who uses alternative communication means.

Music and Musicians

The Tom and Doug Homepage
Yes, the men who brought you the now famous "Gangsta Knitta" have their own website! Go, learn the lyrics, and sing along the next time they're in your town!
CD Baby

The good folks at CD Baby (related to the good folks at Hostbaby) are selling my CD along with a whole lot of other excellent CDs from other independent artists. Go give a listen.

KJ Denhert
Just went to hear her play this past Saturday at the Coffee with Conscience series. Phe-no-me-nal! Go listen to her!
The Voodudes

These are a great bunch of guys who make a lot of fun, dancing music. They play all over the place (but especially in New Jersey), and they're the kind of people who make the Garden State great.

Hot Club of Philadelphia

I heard these good folks at the WHYY (the best radio station!) chocolate tasting event this past Winter (I told you they're the best), and I thought there music was so pleasant and enjoyable to listen to that I hired them for our music festival at work! 

The Large Flowerheads

If you love the music of the 60s, you will love the Large Flowerheads. That's pretty much the story. 

Music I'm Currently Obsessing Over...

Zero 7
The Wood Brothers
KT Tunstall
We're About 9
Ari Hest
Alex DeGrassi
Mad Agnes
Vicki Genfan's YouTube Site
Go! Go, and listen to/watch this woman! She will blow you away with her guitar playing. That is all I can say. Hooray for women who truly PLAY the guitar!

Cool People and Things

Auntie Amy's Fabulous Jewelry

You must check out my friend, Amy's, gorgeous jewelry. She also makes glass beads, and it's all just amazing. Aside from being art pieces that you can actually wear, they make excellent gifts! Go! Hurry!

Pendle Hill
This is a very beautiful Quaker retreat center in Wallingford, PA (accessible by SEPTA mass transit, you'll be happy to know). They have a whole collection of interesting workshops and classes, or you can go for a break from the world.
Kimberly Schulz
My brilliant friend, Kim, who's a limnologist. Go find out what THAT is at her website!
Lehigh Valley Drum Circle

My dear friend, Moe, is a gifted drummer and drum circle facilitator. If you're in the Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania) area, check out one of Stress Buster Drum Circles!