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Music I Love 12/26/10

Posted on December 26, 2010

Seasons greetings, kind folks! It occurs to me (yes, a bit belatedly) that I haven't spent enough time inviting you to listen to music I love, and that would be a terrible shame, because there's so darned much wonderful music for us all to obsess over, is there not?

I mean, I'm sure it's always obvious, when we listen to various songwriters, who their beloved songwriters are because elements of the songs they've been engaged with emerge in all sorts of ways in the music they write. 

So here you have it: installment #1 of Music I Love. 

Here are a few things I've been listening to of late (and loving!):
Chicago  "(I've Been) Searching So Long" (I have them on vinyl, but not on CD, so I went and borrowed a CD from the library so I could hear them again. It has been glorious re-visiting their music.) And, while I'm at it, go listen to "Make Me Smile" as well. 

Dan Fogelberg "Song From Half Mountain" (What. A. Gorgeous. Song. And that is all I have to say about it.) It's a bit of a wobbly recording, but it's so exquisite, I decided to just live with the wobbliness. And, on my way to work on Thursday I heard "Same Old Lang Syne" (given that it's the season and such), and I was thrilled for the song all over again. Not being the type to write stories into songs, I listen to songs like this and just plain marvel. Darn it, you should probably hear "Old Tennessee" too. 

Sonya Heller (and not just to prove that I'm totally stuck a few decades behind the times either!) "Songlines" (I've met Sonya, and she's a lovely human being and an incredible singer/songwriter- and an Indiegrrl to boot. I have been enjoying her CD for the past year and a half that I've owned it. Every so often one of the songs appears while I'm listening to my iTunes library, and I'm happy all over again!) As if that wasn't enough of a cool song, here are "Love Comes Down to Love" (you will have shivers up and down your legs). I think "Justine" was one that won her a songwriting award (a well-deserved one at that). 

Okay. So now I've obsessed half the afternoon away, and I need to go do some cooking for the week. Give these fabulous songs a listen, tell me what you think, and, please, find some wonderful new/old music to share with me too. I'm always in search of new inspiration.

Here's to a peaceful and joyful new year for us all!